27 July, 2010

Beautiful soul

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(A few weeks ago I found this blog through Studded Hearts and saved it under my "blogs to rummage through" folder. Tonight I finally got around to it.)

Reasons to love Nicole Warne :
-She makes her own colored confetti
-She covers her boyfriend with post-its stating why she loves him
 -She makes daisy crowns for her dog
-She actually takes the time to watch the sky change colors at sunrise
-She builds a cubby house in her lounge and covers it with pillows and fairy lights


Briana Le & Merissa Ren said...

she is so magical and beautiful:)


Eli said...

Just recently found her blog too, she is so lovely!

sammi burley said...

i am also a follower of Nicole.. her blog is amazing!


Michelle Elaine said...

isn't she lovely? i simply adore her :)


Style Porn said...

Wow, I can't wait to check it out! Thanks for the tip ;)

Studded Hearts said...

i love nicole. she's such a sweetie <3


wanderingbabcia said...

Amazing images!

Rachelle xo

Candelaria and Felicitas said...

hermosas fotos!

Neon Blonde said...

Ahh I love Nicole shes lovely! She too features on my blog a fair bit too! did you know shes collaborating with Jeffrey Campbell & Tuchuzy? :)Amazing post a per usual :) I wish I still had a string of fairy lights in my bedroom!

Please check out Neon Blonde

le pearl said...

Yeah nicole is the shit <3 everyone loves her and her vintage store!

Spela said...

come by and follow back ;)


Tara said...


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jordanaa said...

LOVE the socks and sandals i did a post too.. they are just amazing :)

and i love those poke-a-dot shorts!!


Audrey said...

Love Nicole's blog as well. Her pictures are amazing!=)

Diogo Sc said...



Catarina said...

I love her cubby house! It looks so cosy and it's such a cute idea!

Anonymous said...

Yes this girl is amazing, absolutely beautiful too

xo www.fashion-feline.blogspot.com

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Rizwan Naeem said...

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